The Tanks in the Background 

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Remember, just before the fall of Baghdad, when the Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, was saying things like, "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" while American tanks could be seen rolling by in the background? This was considered by many to be his personal dark sense of humor in the face of obvious defeat. It subsequently made him an instant cyber star. Just Google up his name and you'll see the many fans he has (many of whom are American). His celebrity comes not from his duties as an Iraqi administration official, but rather his humorous ability to deny the truth even as it is distracting you in the background. People, especially Americans, found this to be profoundly humorous. Even now when I read his quotes I can burst out laughing. But really, why do I find it so entertaining? Could it be because I finally have a safe place to release my energies regarding obvious lies from government officials without it being a debate with political adversaries?

We have our own tanks rolling by right now. Spain's recent elections, "Other Leaders" talking to Kerry, Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, and many other administration whistle blowers are all tanks in the background as Condi Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and others babble their ridiculous denials and character assassinations. The only difference is many are afraid to laugh. It isn't so funny when it's OUR government doing it. We're either partisans giving them a pass, or we're pundits wanting to bring them down – in either case, there's no time for laughter. But for non-Americans, it must look pretty humorous to see Condi Rice avoid public testimony under oath citing executive privilege, but breaking executive privilege on all major news networks to discredit a whistle blower. It must be equally hilarious that when asked why she won't appear before the September 11th commission in public under oath her office responds with, "Dr. Rice and the White House continue to work amiably with the commission, consistent with the President's desire to make staff available in accordance with his ability to fight the war on terrorism." Come again? Your response to being asked why you're not cooperating is to lie to us about cooperating?

When you see these high level administration officials speak, take note of the tanks in the background. There are more of them rolling in everyday.

Shock, Awe, and a Heart Stopping Pause 

Monday, March 08, 2004

Dear readers of the Common Man Politics, I had a deeply moving experience recently. It made me just sob and sob. It made me feel helpless, sad, and utterly lost. And it was only a series of images, and a dialog on a message board. It made me ever so much more serious in my resolve to do whatever it takes to unseat this evil, brutal, regime that has hijacked our great Nation.

I was on a right wing message board, sharpening my debating teeth. I was engaged in a debate about innocent casualties in Iraq. The mere suggestion of innocent casualties started a "we liberated them" foaming of the mouth. They wanted nothing of the innocent casualties conversation. Did they really believe there were no innocent casualties? Letting alone the fact that the innocent deaths outnumbered the soldier death, they acted like Shock and Awe actually was pulled off without any innocent civilian Iraqi deaths.

So, I set out to not only find some proof, but perhaps find some images to get right into their faces with it. Ladies and Gentlemen, the following link is not for the faint of heart. It contains very graphic images of the innocent civilians who were severely wounded and/or killed during the Shock and Awe phase of the Iraq war. The site is a Syrian site, and authored by some very scared and angry citizens of Syria. Take pause, and take your time:

The Shock and Awe you haven't seen

I know. There are no words. I was seeking out these images, and still I was not prepared. You want to know what's even worse then these images? The right wingers were so unaffected by it, all they had were smart-ass "glad they got what they had coming" remarks. Here are a few nifty nuggets:

Are these your home pictures, I see that this is a personal web page. What kind of common_man_jason are you, besides a lefty liberal, I can tell that much from your pictures.


I don't care.

Start killing our own, I'd think nothing of making Syria or any other attacker's country a glass parking lot.

If folks can't be good neighbors, then they don't need to be neighbors anymore.

Honestly, if they were all blown off the map, I'd sleep easier.

I'm tired of their crap. I'm tired of what they do to women. I'm tired of what they do to children. I'm tired of their way of life. You will get ZERO sympathy from me over their plight. My family comes first, bucko.

[if the war comes to the USA] . . . I'm shooting every fifth columnist first (to get rid of backstabbers from the start).

Draw your battle lines, Jason. Because in an all out war, I'm going to win.

People, I give you your Bush supporters. To those last two lines, which essentially was a death threat to me should we all be defending our Nation against an attack, I replied, "free speech never caused a nation to loose a war, but violent infighting has. So by killing your fellow Americans for expressing their opinion, you would be the anti-American. But I'd still die for your right to free speech, even after I severely wound you in self defense. But It would be a shame that an American will first have to waste his time defending himself from the attack of another American before taking on the enemy. I think that would most certainly lend aide to the enemy, and they would personally send you a thank you note. "

This is the true poison of Bush's policies. It has created an entire mindless class of people who have no sensitivity to the horrors of war, but a profound desire to support them. They care nothing of anyone outside of America. They do not see the difference between an Arab and a terrorist. They enjoy knowing Arabs are suffering. They cannot be reasoned with. So hungry for savage killing, they admit that when given the chance they plan on taking out liberals as well as Arabs. It's as if there is some force turning them into killing machines. They are Americans.

I cannot understand how anyone with a warm beating hart can look at those images and then write the things you see above. It does not seem human, and yet they are Americans.

It is time for the new liberal to emerge. We cannot be the weenie hippies we used to be. We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied anymore. We must stand tall and throw these attacks right back at them and let them know humanity and compassion is in order. And if they want to make threats against our liberties, rights, and freedoms, they get NO right to tell anyone who is a patriot.

You closed minded warmongering chickenhawks: I'm ready to fight. My weapons are knowledge and words, my resolve is righteous, my cause is America.

BRING IT ON. You will not bring shame to my Country anymore.

The Time Has Come. . . 

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

My fellow Americans, the time to unite has come, the time to take action is here. I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, and I tend to support candidates that run outside of those parties. But this year is too important. Kerry may not be the leftist I want him to be, but he clearly aligns himself with mainstream America. He clearly takes radical changes slowly. I must admit that I don't like his votes regarding the Patriot Act, and the Iraq War. But I also believe he felt he was doing what was right for America -- and I accept his willingness to admit that those votes were hasty and perhaps mistakes (or at least the authority provided by these two measures have been grossly misused).

If you care about America's standing with the international community,
If you care about a safe World for all,
If you care about America's Job market,
If you care about our Environment,
If you care about civil rights and civil liberties,
If you care about checks and balances in government,
If you care about preserving the Constitution, our most sacred blueprint for democracy,

then you must not only vote for John F. Kerry in November, but you must also contribute to his campaign. This is a very important sacrifice we all must make for our country. John Kerry is on the right side of all the important issues of our day -- but the Bush spin machine has $150,000,000 to distort the issues, ignite fear, create culture wars, and generally confuse the hell out of Americans. That means John Kerry needs 1,500,000 citizens to give him $100 each just to compete. Please consider this and remember, this year it is a moral imperative to vote with your wallet as well as your hand.

I ask you to take the difficult task of putting a monetary value on the preservation of your country, and Contribute Now.

And remember that the worst politicians are elected to office by people who don't vote.

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