Poll Numbers Down, Terror Alert Up 

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Now don't get me wrong here, terrorism is real, and there are real terrorists out there who want nothing more than to kill Americans. But personally I'm getting sick and tired of only getting warnings when Bush's approval ratings go down. Seriously, every time in the last year that Bush's numbers have taken a dip, the terror warnings have come out. What's worse and so blatant is that they don't even give very good information, and they don't tell us what we can do about it (as if there even is anything we can do).

The Bush campaign and the fierce Bush supporters want you to think a terror attack (or even the serious threat of) means that Bush is the better candidate. They pretend that they don't shift with poll numbers, but that is exactly what this is. They see that America, not yet knowing that much about Kerry, still gives Bush slightly higher numbers in "fighting terrorism." So this warning is just another campaign ad. You just have to be concerned with a campaign that wants the terror threat to increase so that their chances of re-election increase don't you? You have to be concerned with a Presidency that is dependent on the terrorism threat, don't you?

Mark my words now: this is only the beginning. As Bush continues his downward spiral, he will work harder and harder to scare the crap out of you. He will try everything he can to make you afraid of change. He's depending on the very real human tendency to stick with something that's not working over going with change (the battered wife syndrome). Don't fall for it. We need change, and any real increase of the terror threat is the proof of that.

Here is the reality. George Bush's policies have made terrorism worse (perhaps on purpose). Everything he has done in the last two years has been a recruiting poster for would be terrorists. We need a leader who can be cunning, covert, clever, and tough. We need a leader who can win the hearts and minds of the World community. We need a leader that seems more appealing to Middle Eastern citizens than Osama does. We need a leader who wants to end our dependence on oil.

George Bush's campaign is about fear and the lack of critical thought. John Kerry's campaign is about hope and logic. Think critically and look forward to the future, and the choice is clear.

We don't need GW. He makes it worse. The next attack on us will be blood on George W. Bush's hands.


Other than the dismal poll numbers, there are two other items released today that Bush would like to distract you from.

Brand-Name Drug Prices Outpace Inflation

New Home Sales Tumble

Economy snoozes in April

In other words, his economy isn't as good as he's been telling you, and his "Medicare Reform" has already caused a dramatic increase in prescription drugs (because it doesn't have provisions to keep costs under control, it's only a handout to the pharmaceutical industry, who'll use it as extra profit rather than a break to seniors).

Do you love this Orwellian society yet?


Another item Bush doesn't want you to see today.

Amnesty Condemns U.S. Terror War

Is the terror alert making sense yet?

Thanks George. We are SO-O-O-O screwed now! 

Friday, May 21, 2004

NOTE: The following is authored by an anonymous source known only as "Spinmaster." I've invited Spinmaster to contribute on occasion, and this is reprinted with permission. -- Jason

"Off I go into the desert like a wild arse." Shakespearean actor Patrick Stewart expertly delivered this line in the movie "Dune" before he took the helm of the Enterprise. The statement took the viewer by surprise, as unexpected laughter often does. Stewart stated the line straight faced, serious, and the viewer only caught the joke after he'd already exited the scene.

In the days following 9/11, most of the Arab World wept with our widows. Seeing pregnant females jump to their deaths, innocent lives lost horrifically, all on Live TV shook the pillars of Islam. Before 9/11, many Arabs viewed International Terrorism as a needed evil- Freedom Fighters opposed to settlements which ruined the lives of peasant farmers. Not that rich Arabs really care about peasant farmers. It was merely a ready excuse to continue their covert war against Zionism.

But the Arab World changed their mind about terrorism post 9/11. They stood ready to assist America in Afghanistan, as we searched for the perpetrators of Evil. Many Muslims openly condemned the act as an atrocity. America stood on the threshold of achieving peace in the Middle East and ending support for International Terror.

Off we go into the Iraqi desert like wild arses. Without a plan, a clue, or military support from Arab nations. First we claimed that Saddam posed a direct Threat to America. We also hinted that Saddam might have been connected to Al Qaeda. So the Arab world was patient, thinking that America was due revenge upon those who plotted 9/11.

When the first two reasons didn't pan out, the White House changed it's propaganda. No longer were we overtly concerned about Saddam's missing weapons or Terror links. We we're to Free the Iraqi people from Saddam's iron grip. Give them democracy, equal rights, freedom of speech and one more thing-

Due process under America's fair and just legal system.

We are SO-O-O-O screwed. From this, one million Islamic terrorists have been born. Off we went like wild arses into the Iraqi Desert following George W. Bush. Americans will never be safe, not in our lifetime. Thanks, George.

NOTE: The preceding was authored by an anonymous source known only as "Spinmaster." I've invited Spinmaster to contribute on occasion, and this is reprinted with permission. -- Jason

Kerry's Life of Service: The Positive Message We Needed 

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

John Kerry has begun to fight. He has come out strong this week to let the American people know that he has dedicated his life to service of this Nation. An honorable record, and a tireless fight for every American, present and future, can be seen.

Bush's attack machine is fruitless. All it did was put a temporary stay on the revelation of Kerry's true record. And naturally, Kerry's best offense is to open that record up and introduce it to America. It is a positive message, based on a reflection of a life uncommon. Kerry embraced the spirit of our Founding Fathers early on in life, and it has emanated from his course of action ever since.

When his county needed soldiers for the cause of democracy abroad, Kerry signed up.

When his country needed reminding that the cause was not being met, and its methods unjust, Kerry told his Government as all involved citizens should. And he spoke with an earned voice, having risked life and limb for the unjust cause.

Kerry decided a life of service in Government was in order, and has been there ever since. He has stood for a strong America, has asked it to give as well as receive, and has never compromised that standard to party or impulse.

Kerry has come out with truth, a positive truth, and Bush will regret ever trying to spread lies. Tell everyone! Kerry has arrived, and it ain't Bush's Kerry, it's Kerry's Kerry. Watch his ads.

And just for my own personal pleasure, here is a record comparison that I love to do. Kerry has spent his whole life in harm's way for the cause of America, Bush has spent his whole life using privilege to avoid harm's way, obtaining stature without labor, and getting bailed out of failures. Just a few pickings of record and fact to demonstrate:

Here is Bush filling out paperwork to avoid harm's way.

Here is Bush specifically requesting to stay out of harm's way (page 22).

Here is Kerry literally taking shrapnel in the ass for his country.

Here is Bush being told we're under attack.

Who Voted for this Nonsense? 

Sunday, May 02, 2004

NOTE: The following is authored by an anonymous source known only as "Spinmaster." I've invited Spinmaster to contribute on occasion, and this is reprinted with permission. -- Jason

Short answer, nobody. No person could have. While campaigning, George Bush made no references to the majority of his so-called 'accomplishments'. He was to be a "Compassionate Conservative", on the LEFT of Ronald Reagan, solidly in the middle, moderate ground. And that's the problem.

Did anyone vote for George because they believed he'd "Free the Iraqi people from (missing) Weapons Of Mass Destruction so they'll become Democracy Dominos and solve the Palestinian question?" Of course not. Had George stumped on that theme Florida voters would have overwhelmingly rejected the "Not ready for duty 'cause were Nation Building, sir" candidate.

Hundreds of Americans have given their lives in George Bush's Iraqi sandbox.

Did anyone vote Bush with the full knowledge that the Federal Budget would be in the red by $600,000,000,000.00 this year? Nope. George claimed his tax cuts would not create the largest deficits our nation has ever seen. In his first four years, Mr. Bush (with help from the GOP Congress) will have amassed over $1 trillion in debt, pushing the National Debt clock past the $7 trillion dollar point.

Did anyone vote Bush 2000 because they wanted dirty air, dirty water, and taxpayer subsidized pollution? If you did then perhaps you had insight others did not. But most people believed George Bush when he said "I'm an environmentalist." They had clues about his intentions yet did not realize the magnitude of Corporate Pandering that would infect this administration.

Did anyone vote GWB knowing he'd lose 3 million of the jobs created during the Clinton years? Heck no. If Mr. Bush had told voters he planned on lifting textile trade limits with China, accommodating outsourcing, and advocating "Insourcing" (importing foreign labor) he'd have lost Texas.

Why would anyone vote for him again? Your air and water is dirtier, you've lost your job security, your taxes aren't significantly lower, your sons and daughters are dying in deserts for lack of solid planning and failed foreign policies, and your grandkids are being asked to clean up the mess. How could any American support George Bush? How many times will "September 11th changed everything" actually continue to justify all of this? I just don't get it.

NOTE: The preceding was authored by an anonymous source known only as "Spinmaster." I've invited Spinmaster to contribute on occasion, and this is reprinted with permission. -- Jason

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